Upravljanje korisnicima i troškovima

Automatsko analiziranje korišćenja i napredno knjigovodstvo troškova

Otkrijte moderno okruženje za štampu prilagođeno vašim potrebama

Postoji mnoštvo razlika između malih preduzeća, srednjih kompanija i međunarodnih korporacija.

Svako ima svoj stil upravljanja, potrebe, klijentelu i ciljeve. Bez obzira na to koju organizaciju predstavljate, Konica Minolta vam pruža rešenje za upravljanje korisnicima i troškovima koje će odgovoriti na vaše potrebe. Ovaj prilagodljivi softver će odgovoriti na vaše stvarne potrebe, čak i kada se one menjaju sa razvojem kompanije.



User and cost management

Centralised enterprise user & cost management drastically reduces your spend on print services – often by as much as 30%. You can use this monitoring solution to enjoy a cost-effective and modern printing environment. No need for major investments in your printing infrastructure: the software supports Konica Minolta multifunctional printers, and small office printers. It all adds up simple, effective control over all your devices – whether you’re a small business with a handful of MFPs, or an international enterprise with offices around the world.

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Konica Minolta Printing Hardware

Want the ultimate in digital print production performance? You just found it. Konica Minolta’s Production Printing and Office hardware are industry benchmarks, with devices offering revolutionary colour image quality, ultra-high-speed black-and-white output, pro-quality inline finishing options to meet your complex job specifications, and more. Regardless of the size or area of specialisation of your company, our print hardware lets you build up your printing infrastructure, manage digital content, put in place state-of-the-art measuring instruments, and explore other solutions designed to change your workflow beyond recognition.

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YSoft SafeQ Print Management

YSoft SafeQ is an enterprise print management solution designed to let you take control of all your printing habits and data to make fact-based decision about the printing environment and infrastructure in your organization. Use this tool to your benefit to reduce print, copy and scan costs. YSoft SafeQ records all the multifunctional printer activities, regardless of their location – all for your peace of mind, increased safety and productivity.

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Always at your Service

Our experienced, knowledgeable specialist staff will answer any questions you may have, and show you how to operate your product. Our services function for your benefit, within a support system designed to ensure you and your company benefit fully from the solutions. We offer a range of different services, including optimised print services to combine your consulting; hardware and software implementation; workflow management to lower your document spending; and smart security services, to keep your business safe.

Deploy YSoft enterprise print management and take a step ahead. Help to introduce modern printing environment that is flexible, cost-effective and secure. This tool for user & cost management will transform the way you control your printing infrastructure. Take control over the budget while tracking all of the scan, print and copy costs per user, per device or per office. Spot the problematic printing behaviours and adjust your policy accordingly. In this centralised print environment, a server application can be connected to all your networked devices and the corporate directory. This allows you to define governance policies and introduce workflows which are significantly more efficient.

With this monitoring solution, you can keep your finger on the pulse even if you organisation carries numerous projects for many clients. You can allocate a billing code to each of them and assign costs to the respective projects. This way, it is much easier to charge your customer with the exact printing costs, instead of covering them over and over again. Analyse clear graphs and management reports to get fast and comprehensive overviews. For increased clarity and efficiency, you can also create your own, customized reports. 

YSoft SafeQ is an effective, flexible and comprehensive tool for user & cost management that will provide your with all the functionalities needed to streamline your workflow, save money and benefit from more transparent cost reporting.



Ikona funkcije tehnologije

Advanced cost accounting

Ikona funkcije produktivnosti

Automatic usage analysis

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Centrally managed

Ikona funkcije završne obrade

Fast and clear cost overviews

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Increased security

Prilagodite svoje rešenje za upravljanje korisnicima i troškovima kako biste u potpunosti iskoristili sve funkcionalnosti koje nudi. Niste sigurni kako to da uradite? Kontaktirajte nas za više informacija i naši iskusni stručnjaci rado će odgovoriti na sva vaša pitanja.