Kada su detalji važni

Najmanja veličina piksela ikada dostupna na prenosivim ravnim ekranima

Oblasti interesovanja nisu uvek odmah vidljive na rendgenskim snimcima – ali pacijenti uvek računaju na najbolju dostupnu specijalizovanu negu. U takvoj situaciji su detalji zaista važni. Na primer, kada je potrebno prikazati mikrostrukture kosti. Čim se omogući davanje pravilne dijagnoze, pacijent može da počne sa tretmanom. Mi u kompaniji Konica Minolta ponosni smo što možemo da ponudimo takve proizvode. Nedavno smo predstavili naš najnoviji digitalni rendgenski detektor sa veličinom piksela od 100 µm, AeroDR HD, uređaj koji pruža toliko visoku rezoluciju da možete da zumirate bez gubljenja oštrine.

Kada su detalji važni, možete da se oslonite na kompaniju Konica Minolta.

U kompaniji Konica Minolta, neprestano težimo uvođenju inovacija u proizvode i usluge radi unapređivanja zdravstvene zaštite. Nismo usredsređeni samo na pacijenta, već i na stručnjake – takođe dajemo prioritet potrebi da vam pomognemo da pojednostavite radne procese i svakodnevnu kliničku rutinu.



Wireless digital radiography system

AeroDR HD is a wireless digital radiography system. With maximum resolution of 100 µm and sensitivity enabling the highest image quality, it is currently our most sophisticated detector. AeroDR HD offers higher DQE and lower doses of radiation.

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Thanks to its High Sensitivity TFT (Thin Film Transistor) detector, AeroDR HD is Konica Minolta’s latest technical advance. The solution comes with a thicker CsI scintillator, a high-sensitivity photo diode on the TFT panel, and a new ROIC (Read out IC) feature, which reduces levels of electrical noise by 50% or more, letting you optimise your detection values.

With Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE), image quality improves enormously, while simultaneously using lower doses of radiation processing large image data quickly, thanks to short cycle times. This high image quality is provided by the CsI scintillator – an improvement of over 20 percent on the AeroDR Premium panel. With pixel size of just 100 μm and four times the pixel count of standard resolution detectors, AeroDR can enlarge microstructures. This feature is crucial for precise diagnostics.

The AeroDR HD is also waterproof and extremely light – weighing just 2.6 kg – with load resistance of over 400 kg and 130 kg of bending resistance. The AeroDR HD can also be recharged within just 30 minutes, moreover, thanks to its lithium-ion battery. Updated AeroSync technology now allows a wider range of imaging, including lumbar spine, MSK and veterinary.



Ikona funkcije kvaliteta

Better visibility of bone trabecular

Ikona funkcije tehnologije

Displays microstructure

Ikona funkcije manipulisanja medijima

Edge of bone is clearer

Ikona funkcije brzine

Fast, reliable workflow

Ikona funkcije produktivnosti

Higher DQE with lower doses of radiation

Ikona funkcije tehnologije

Lightweight, robust structure

Touch feature icon

No “pixel shape” when zooming in

Customization feature icon

Pixel size of only 100 μm

Ikona funkcije upotrebljivosti

Updated AeroSync for longer automatic exposure detection

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