Colour Management

Colour management processes are the life-blood of every print business, and critical to a company’s continued growth and success.


Colour grabs our attention, is emotive and generates a greater sense of engagement and response in viewers – so if you need to guarantee colour print quality with easy-to-use tools, read on!

Colour management systems – the key to business success

Intelligent colour and image control conveys a feeling of quality and vibrancy in printed products, producing increased sales and higher margins. Everywhere we look – from books to catalogues, through to flyers, direct mail and billboards, in-store merchandising and packaging – full colour is essential for effective marketing, promotion and sales activity. 

Despite this, almost half of all digital printers describe colour matching as their most difficult challenge. Customers expect colour consistency when buying prints, so print service providers need to be able to guarantee colour print quality with easy-to-use tools, and employ colour management solutions that deliver precise matching – without a steep learning curve. Colour reproduction must also be consistent over time to reduce misprints and avoid reprinting. 

What is colour management in printing?

What is colour management in printing?

A robust colour management system lets a digital printer process individual jobs quickly enough to make them economically viable, while at the same time guaranteeing the quality of the final printed result. Apart from the cost savings and production efficiencies this offers, colour control is vital because it simplifies many complex problems created by using a variety of image capture devices

Colour Management

Colour Management

Widespread use of colour in printed products has made colour management more important than ever

It needs to match colour with individually branded products, and well as ensure colour is used consistently across a range of products, marketing collateral, different substrates and print output devices.

The benefits of an effective colour management system include:

· Makes your print room more productive and more profitable

· Reduces your labour and hidden costs

· Mundane tasks and repetitive processes are easy to automate

· There’s no need to consider outsourcing 

· Print production efficiency can be maximised

· Helps your company stand out from the competition in your market 

Konica Minolta Printing Hardware

Want the ultimate in digital print production performance? You just found it. Konica Minolta’s Production Printing and Office hardware are industry benchmarks, with devices offering revolutionary colour image quality, ultra-high-speed black-and-white output, pro-quality inline finishing options to meet your complex job specifications, and more. Regardless of the size or area of specialisation of your company, our print hardware lets you build up your printing infrastructure, manage digital content, put in place state-of-the-art measuring instruments, and explore other solutions designed to change your workflow beyond recognition.

Konica Minolta Software Products

Explore the countless different ways in which Konica Minolta software products could improve your operations. Konica Minolta solves the problems of your company, matches different working styles, and offers software solutions meeting the needs of your industry. By prioritising your needs at all times, Konica Minolta meets the software requirements of even the most demanding global organisations. Using the system, you can keep a lid on the cost of any printed or copied output, create advanced security measures to ensure sensitive documents don’t fall into unauthorised hands, and more.

Always at your Service

Our experienced, knowledgeable specialist staff will answer any questions you may have, and show you how to operate your product. Our services function for your benefit, within a support system designed to ensure you and your company benefit fully from the solutions. We offer a range of different services, including optimised print services to combine your consulting; hardware and software implementation; workflow management to lower your document spending; and smart security services, to keep your business safe.

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